The MI Audio GI Fuzz Pedal is the number one on the market based on sound quality and value for your money. The coolest one thing about the MI Audio GI Fuzz Pedal is that it the fuzz is generated by three separate high gain silicon transistors (google that to fully understand the technical epicness of that). The GI Fuzz truly sets itself apart from the other fuzz pedals in the amount of options you have to place with. 8 controls. Pinpoint exactly the amount of fuzz you want. Tone balancing controls so as not to hit those unpleasant highs and lows. It also kind of looks like a commando style fuzz pedal straight from ‘Nam.

The craftsmanship on these MI Audio guitar pedals is extremely high. All hand built in Sydney. Comes with 5 year warranty. Literally with every component built into this piece high priced materials are opted for over cheaper alternatives.

Price: Not surprisingly, this is of one the higher priced fuzz pedals, set at retail for around $160.

Check out the GI Fuzz demo, a lot you can do with it: